***The Author's profits from this book will be donated to the charity: CHOOSE LOVE/HELP REFUGEES*** What is it like to run away from bombing, lose your family and work out how to take care of yourself in a foreign country when you are 7 years old? What do you do when the woman who promised you a good job in Europe turns out to have sold you into prostitution? How do you escape from torture and detention in Libya? What is it like to almost drown in the Mediterranean and then be confined in a garbage and rat-filled settlement on a Greek island for years? In this book, Lynne Jones answers these questions by combining direct testimony from children with a blazingly frank eyewitness account of providing mental health support on the front line of the migrant crisis across Europe and Central America in the last 5 years. Her diaries document how a compassionate welcome shifted to indifference and hostility towards those seeking refuge from war, disaster and poverty in the richest countries in the world. They shine a light on what it is like to be caught up on the front lines of the migrant crises in Europe and Central America, either as a person in flight or as a volunteer trying to help. They show how people who have fled war, poverty and disaster – trapped in degrading humiliating living conditions – have responded with resourcefulness and creativity. In the absence of most large professional humanitarian agencies, migrants and volunteers together have created a new form of humanitarianism that challenges old ways of working. Today there are 79 million forcibly displaced people in the world today, 1% of the world’s population. Understanding the perspectives of people on the move has never been more important.



Lynne Jones
Writer, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and Relief Worker
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Johanna M
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We are all now re-examining our histories and beginning to acknowledge that much of the wealth and privilege that the so called ‘developed’ countries take for granted was built on some four hundred years of theft, murder and exploitation.