Women of Togo


Women of Togo, a catalogue of photographs by Zoe Rain, features images of women and children in Integrate Health facilities at Northern Togo. The moments that Rain captures are both mundane and intimate: women and children watching TV in a clinic waiting room; a pregnant woman receiving a prenatal consultation; an exhausted mother holding her newborn baby. These two populations with specific healthcare needs, women and children, too often suffer due to lack of healthcare. In Togo, seventy percent of the population lives without adequate healthcare; one in ten children die before the age of five. But recent improvements in primary healthcare access have led to positive change. In areas of northern Togo, Integrate Health facilities staffed by community workers have provided better access to healthcare, helping the most vulnerable populations; areas serviced by the facilities have even seen fifty percent reductions in infant mortality. This catalogue, then, serves as both a record of the benefits of better healthcare in Togo and a chronicle of the people directly helped by it.



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Women of Togo

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